The Silver Garden

The East Garden transitions through the hornbeam arch into the Silver Garden, first planted in 2012 the year of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. The brick wall and stone topped pillars were built in the Spring of that year. The circular lawn repeats the same circle in the East Garden and around it, four beds were planted with centrepieces of standard  Pyrus saliicifolia which have been trained into balls. Original plants below the ornamental pears included Eryngium silverado and Rosa Silver Wedding Anniversary but neither plant thrived so  a re-design has taken place to also include  plants that offer black or dark maroon contrasts, such as Ophiopogon and Sedums (Jose Aubergine and Black Beauty).The predominant silver planting is now Teucrium, Artemesia, Lychnis, Perovskia and Stachys

In the centre of the lawn, the large planter on a plinth mirrors the same one that stands in the Knot garden centre and both can be seen looking both ways from either end through the Rose Pergola and across the Orangery Patio.