Winter 2019/20 has been another relatively busy one in the garden as we have developed new prairie borders on the South Lawn. The planting is dominated by grasses, in particular, varieties of Miscanthus, Deschampsia, Calamagrostis, Carex, Stipa, Panicum, Cortaderia and Molinia. Flowering perennials include Echinacea, Salvia, Helenium, Persicaria, Phlomis, Helianthus, Veronicastrum, Sanguisorbia, Verbena, Nepeta, Echinops and Eupatorium.

The Alitex greenhouse that was erected in winter 2018/19 has really come into its own and looks like it's been there forever. The plan is to sow plenty of new introductions for the new prairie borders as well as new plants for the existing borders, in particular, the patio beds which have been completely dug up over this last winter. The new centrepieces of these beds are yew topiary and while they establish, we will use tulips in the Spring and dahlias and annuals in the Summer to fill the vacant spaces.