Winter 2018/19 has been a busy one in the garden. Two major projects have been undertaken on a new greenhouse as well as resowing the wildflower meadow and introducing a woodland walk through the shelter belt to the west of the meadow.

The greenhouse is an Alitex National Trust product and sits at the heart of the vegetable/cutting garden. As a result of the siting, all the raised beds that previously existed have either been reshaped or rebuilt. 

The wildflower meadow had been taken over by dominant grasses so we overseeded the field after an extensive programme of grass shortening and scarification. The shelter belt and area around the pond had become wild and weed infested, having been largely left alone since the original lake excavation. Hopefully, the planting we have undertaken of woodland shrubs and plants will help suppress weed regrowth but I daresay it will take more than one summer to control the thistles, docks and nettles!